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Postby MADMAX » Wed Dec 09, 2009 1:50 pm

[UTDCv21] +---------------------------------------------------+
[UTDCv21] Client have hooked functions
[UTDCv21] Player name......: Face
[UTDCv21] Player IP........:
[UTDCv21] Client UT version: v.4.51b
[UTDCv21] Client OS........: Microsoft Windows XPx32 5.1 (Build: 2600)
[UTDCv21] OpenGLDrv.dll MD5: C486450B42CD77160E0C356006FE917A
[UTDCv21] Core.dll MD5.....: 4AAEDF0CF49CF7B3CAD8B126A50A2962 (v4.51b)
[UTDCv21] Engine.dll MD5...: CDA75950ECEBB2E1E4A404A48FA39A45 (v4.51b)
[UTDCv21] Render.dll MD5...: B38D04964E4F2EA681A1A15C2BD9E614 (v4.51b)
[UTDCv21] Galaxy.dll MD5...: 64F733A15A18644584B8C2895B431CD5 (v4.51b)
[UTDCv21] UTDCx.dll MD5....: E9DE0EE5B80D2CEAD8AC9436D3D5B014
[UTDCv21] MAC hash.........: 8886EABF74ACD9A7E5EA7C0FCB880E88
[UTDCv21] Mem NTDLL image..: True
[UTDCv21] Server Received..: Initial check
[UTDCv21] Altered addresses: 1042EE48-2C7DF90?1038CF0A-423DC0?10B1D5F1-F2160AAB?
[UTDCv21] Hook Match.......: Helios hook v3.1
[UTDCv21] Suspect Processes: HelioS-Hook.exe,
[UTDCv21] Date/Time........: 08-12-2009 / 15:23:12
[UTDCv21] +---------------------------------------------------+
[UTDCv21] +---------------------------------------------------+
[UTDCv21] Additional memory scan information for player: Face/
[UTDCv21] Corruption hash..: 8A9F9C5A35B0851DC239DBBD31C90464
[UTDCv21] Altered addresses: 1038CF08-3DC015FF/B2015FF,1038CF0C-168B0042/168B105A,
[UTDCv21] +---------------------------------------------------+

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