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Post by Renegadex » Fri Feb 11, 2005 1:26 am

Haley's Hot House FAQ
...updated 9/23/2008, FTW.
Written by RenegadeX. Please direct updates & questions his way.

1. What is this?
2. Who are you guys?
3. Where are the servers?
4. What are the server IPs?
5. Are there rules?
6. What are the rules?
7. How do I report rule-breakers?
8. OMFG I'M BANNED! NOOOoooo!!!!1one
9. My friend is banned, can I help him?
10. Someone else on my IP/Computer/Subnet must have been botting.
11. What's Idiot Status(tm)?
12. What mods do you run?


1. What is this?
This is a forum dedicated to the Haley's Hot House brand of public internet multiplayer game servers. We primarily serve up UT, but we dabble in other game types, depending on our mildly varying interests.

Our Unreal Tournament servers mainly serve up Fast, Furious, CTF-Face action at 125% game speed and 100% air control, and default map weapons (no instagib).

The servers are actively monitored by administrators, who are able to kick and ban unruly players.

We're famous for fast, furious CTF-Face action and keeping the game clean!

2. Who are you guys?
Unreal Tournament enthuasists. Some have money to run the servers. Others pitch in with time and talent to keep them running and deal with unruly miscreants.

We separate our staff into two groups:
  • Game Admins - usually the server owners and a hand-picked list of flunkies. See http://www.haleyshothouse.com for a complete list. They're gamers much like yourself.
  • Forum Admins - folks who keep the HHH forums running smoothly.

3. Where are the servers?
Right now, they hosted at a few game server rental companies. One (HHH2) is sponsored by the hosting company. Please throw them some business if you're interested in running a game server!

Geographically, most are located within Eastern North America.

4. What are the server IPs?
A complete, up to date list is maintained at http://www.haleyshothouse.com.
Server changes are also posted to this forum (Announcements).

Here's a historical list:
Haleys Hothouse CTF 1 (20 Players NO RULES) unreal://
Haleys Hothouse CTF 2 (26 Players ) unreal://
Haleys Hothouse CTF 3 (14 Players MIDWEST) unreal://
Haleys Hothouse CTF 4 (14 Players) unreal://
Haleys Hothouse CTF 5 (16 Players MAP ROTATION) unreal://
Haleys Hothouse CTF 6 (16 Players MAP DOWNLOADS) unreal://
Haleys Hothouse DM 1 (10 Players) unreal://
Haleys Hothouse DM 2 (4 Players) unreal://
Haleys Hothouse ONS 2k4 (14 Players) ut2004://

We also (used to) host these servers:
Barbarians Enemy Territory (20 Players)
vT|TAKEDOWN's House (16 Players) unreal://
[RoD] Razors of Death (16 Players) unreal://

And a TeamSpeak server: teamspeak://penguin.game-host.org

5. Are there rules?

6. Sigh. WHAT are the rules?
Oh. Well, we prohibit the use of major cheating "enhancements" which include Aim Bots, Radar, and other non-standard code changes which allow for computer-assisted play. We scan & ban for these items.

There are a few other rules of ettiquite in most of the servers:
  • No piston camping the portals. Why? Standing in front of a portal with a charged piston takes absolutely no skill to do, and only exploits a map shortcoming. Caveat: a quick piston to take care of someone following too closely will probably be overlooked -- as long as the strategy is not abused.
  • No Flag Launching. Anything which sends the flag to the other side of the map without a player, or with a teammate, is not allowed. While clever, this is a cheap move and breaks the intended flow of the map.
  • No Team Killing. Your teammates are your friends, not unaware targets. It's your responsibility to figure out what color you are when you spawn. (Team damage is off, in our servers.)
We feel these rules contribute to a fun, fair gaming experience!

Code: Select all

Some servers have a "no rules" policy, which means the admins have "no rules," too. Check http://www.haleyshothouse.com for the servers which adhere to this policy.

7. How do I report rule-breakers?
The best way is to log into our IRC channel, #haleys, on the irc.protium.org network. To connect using the UT chat client, you will need to change the default server to this network.
(How about a short tutorial on how to do that, here?)

From there, get an admin's attention or just leave a report in the channel, stating the server, the player, and the offense. We'll take care of it.

This might mean we simply begin monitoring the server in question. Very often offenders will quit acting up because we are responsive to cheat/rule-breaking reports.

The "cheaters" forum is a great place to report troublemakers, too.

8. OMFG I'M BANNED! NOOOoooo!!!!1one
That isn't a question.

Ha! Ok, seriously. You're screwed.
Haha! No, really, you're completely boned, man. That sucks!

Perhaps (just...perahps) you (or someone on your subnet) did something to earn you this distinction.

Here are some things to try, when this happens:
  • E-mail all the admins -- curse at them, question their lineage, and randomly justify your misbehavior. Using lots of "l337 5p34k" helps.
  • Recruit your pals to e-mail us and beg for you to be unbanned. (See above for composition tips!)
  • Come into the forums and make an ass of yourself, curse at the admins, throw a temper-tantrum, or a combination of the above.
  • Lie.
  • Promise to be "good" if you're unbanned. (see above)
  • Offer to wash an admin's car.
  • Cry.
  • Threaten to DDOS a Haley's server.
Note the sarcasm. None of the above things will work. They've all been tried.

Approaching us in the IRC channel, acting mature, and explaining the situation rationally will almost always help. Note, however, that we rarely give out second chances. If you get back in, don't blow it.

Remember, there's always Quake 3. <shudder> That ought to motivate you to keep your act together.

9. My friend is banned, can I help him/her?
Sure, tell him (or "her", haha, admit it, you have no girl friends who play UT) to come into IRC & talk to an admin. Nicely.

10. Someone else on my IP/Computer/Subnet must have been botting.
(Hmm. A 3-part question. )
That's entirely possible! I share your pain.

a) Change your IP.
b) Don't let people you don't trust use your computer. This is what can happen. Sorry. :(
c) We can't unban your subnet to let you in. Someone in your neighborhood (probably) was banned. The "bannee" then figured out how to change his/her PC's IP number. We responded by banning his/her subnet(s). You're caught in the middle. That sucks.

11. What's Idiot Status(tm)?
Our trademarked term for permanent ban winners. These persons of distinction have earned a ban from:
  • ALL Haley's game servers,
  • the Haley's forum
  • the #haleys IRC channel
  • They're probably evenblacklisted from our affiliate servers, as well

It's like a "High Score!" Only not.

12. What mods do you run?
We use bot/hack protection on all the servers.

Some run an experimental team-balancing mod called "CTFPlus", which also takes care of piston campers (by killing them) and flag launchers (by "trapping" the flag on a launch attempt).

Some run mapvote.

Some run a spinning logo ball graphic, which appears for a few seconds when you first connect.. It's cool, but very small. It's kind of an attempt at branding the servers.

Basically, we like to run the servers lean & mean. We dislike the experience a modem user (or even a broadband user) must endure when connecting to a new server, only to encounter 5 MB + of maps, sounds, mods, special skins, pictures of family reunions, .wav files of Howard Stern yelling "boobies", etc. Invariably, these servers also never bother to put anything on a redirect server, so you're fed the files at a painfully slow 50kb/sec rate, or so...only to see server full once you complete the massive download.

Incompatible versions of mods from our servers to your game installation are also a pain. We'd rather avoid those.

We redirect our server modules and maps for faster downloading and less negative game server impact.

We keep mods & non-standard maps to a minimum, if we use at all. CTF-Face, the "Crowd Pleaser" is the map we run 99.999% of the time in most of the servers. It's built in to UT, so no download is required.

Fast connect time and fast action is our trademark.

If you want strategy and long downloads, go play other good games like Counter-Strike or Battlefield 1942/Vietnam. You just can't play them at Haley's.
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Post by BAR|BeerThePenguin » Fri Feb 11, 2005 1:45 am

I love you ren - i want you to have my child ;-)

we needed this for a LONG time!
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